Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comic Book Picture Books

The Amazing Adventures of Bathman
If you have a young child you may 
have noted this interesting genre 
of picture book. These picture 
books use the tropes of superhero 
comic books for both illustrations 
and story. 

My boys love these. We read 
Bathman last night and the boys 
fought over the book this morning
(my older boy specializes in 
passive resistance, my younger in
guerilla warfare).

I think the story may be easier for 
kids with autism to follow, since 
often the narration and dialogue 
echo each other, so you get two 
chances to figure
out what is going on. 

We often both say and write 
what we would like my son to 
do. While repeating words
verbally may lead to confusion,
he can process the written word
in his own time.

As mentioned in an earlier post, meta
concepts don't bother my kid. I do not
know if he understands them fully, but
he seems to enjoy them. Anyway, the 
commentary on and spoofing of
the comic book genre may amuse
the parents, but most of the kids
think pretending to be a superhero
is the most natural thing in the
world. My boy never did till
his little brother came along,
but now they're the Faster
Brothers or the Wonder Family.

Kapow!   and      Ker-splash! 
by George O'Connor 
offer a whole group of kids like 
mine who go in and out of daily
life - rough housing against the 
rules, playing on the beach and 
superhero comics - 
defeating supervillains!

 Ladybug Girl  and  Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy 

by Jacky Davis and David Soman
focus less on the superhero comic
style (the illustrations stay 
"realistic" picture book) and
more on the transformative
power of the imagination.

The stories are more complex
here because they deal with
feelings, and were harder for
my boy with PDD to grasp.

But we liked all of them.

Have a Zoingy day!

-Spectrum Mom

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