Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Animals, Animals

This should be an itty bitty post before I run to get my itty bitty boy.

My older boy just mentioned The Lighthouse FamilyThe Octopus (Lighthouse Family), a series I mentioned in an older post. He almost never mentions titles and clearly 
remembers this series, read mainly in third grade, fondly.

We should probably read the series again and try to increase
comprehension with questions. Turning delight into work.

Anyway, these charming stories by Cynthia Rylant are sort of 
advanced Beatrix Potter tales.  All of the animals have very
human personalities. A cat keeps a lighthouse and meets
a dog sailor and together they rescue a pair of orphan mice.
All this happens in the first book, The Storm (no picture in

Also wanted to thank author Ilene Fine for her comment
on yesterday's post and express curiousity on how
she combines dogs and books to help kids communicate.
Her books, Brandy and ValBrandy and Val's Special Story.
etc. look interesting and Amazon has pictures of them-
thank goodness, I was beginning to wonder if I wasted
a lot of time signing up with Amazon affiliates-see

Ms. Fine hasn't sent me a book or paid me anything,
I just read her comment and was curious. 

My oldest boy is very funny with dogs. He gets fairly
close, then says-"hope he doesn't bite me."
He seems more intrigued than scared, but I haven't
noticed any deep bond with our furry friends.

Judging from the thousands of children's books with
animal characters, from Pooh to Olivia, most children
enjoy a good animal story. That my boy does is a bit
counter intuitive, since he doesn't take much interest
in animals. I wonder if expressions are easier to
see on an illustrated animal?

Do any of you have children who communicate easily
with animals and/or love animal books? Which animal
book does your child like best? Post a comment at the 
bottom of this post.

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