Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ralphie and the Swamp BabyI said yesterday's post 
would be short, 
and it wasn't. 
Not really.
But today
I'll keep it short. Really.

In my "word perfect" post,
 I mentioned how my older
boy knows if you've read the 
wrong words and corrects you 
(whether you're a mom on a couch 
or a minister in a pulpit).

But I'm not sure my boy reads in the usual sense at all.

The evidence seems to be mounting up that he clicks,
takes a picture of the text in his head. This would
help explain difficulties in comprehension, note
reading, any math that involves pictures (he picks
up math concepts very quickly), and a number of
other challenges.

Last night reading Ralphie and the Swamp Baby to me
and his little brother, he said "cried" instead of
"exclaimed" - but wasn't looking at the page at
all when he said it. 

So tell me,  does this seem familiar to you?

staring at the spectrum,
(I don't have a photographic memory)
-Spectrum Mom 
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  1. wow, that is really interesting. In a lot of ways it is a strength too!
    It was really nice meeting you at the library today and I look forward to following your blog :)