Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Shoe Blues

Yesterday I brought home One Shoe Blues from the library.

So cheap on Amazon $7.88, but not nearly as cheap as I am.

(Amazon isn’t paying me . . . yet. Mwahaha mwahaha
(evil laugh(sp?(I love Spring, when the parentheses build their nests))))

I am planning to put a link to Amazon on here so if you want instant
gratification, you can click through and get the book. This should improve
my graphics and may even earn me a few cents (though I will believe that
when I see it).

As you may be able to see from the graphic, One Shoe Blues
is a story book with a song, and includes a dvd with
B. B. King
sock puppets

This is typical Boynton zaniness,
and while not the toddler magic of her early board books,
the tale is light years beyond the somewhat perfunctory
song to book transformation of
Your Personal Penguin.

The theme is great for all kids, and may lighten up
the search for the elusive shoe/shirt/backpack.

My son deals in absolutes and sobs
"Will we ever find the _____?
We're never going to find it."
when something is missing. But here's
our fix for shoes-we have a shoe shelf
near the door. And because my boy
likes routines, he quickly learned to take his shoes off
the moment he enters.
I doubt I could stop him now.

The book weds film and song to create something new,
and the film showcases not only B. B. King’s musical talent
but his charm too.
Why the man out-cutes the sock puppets!

What interested me about the book/movie combo
and my older son was how he skipped all the pictures in the book
to focus on the music section with
the lyrics in back while we watched the movie.

Many children with autism
seem to have musical gifts, and also a tendency
to play by ear instead of reading music.

My spectrum boy loves to look at lyrics, and music,
but what he's seeing, I'm not sure.

Still, both boys liked this pick. My nine year old
was more interested in the book than breakfast
(the wrong kind of wheat free waffle-the right
kind has disappeared).

"Well, I woke up this morning. Couldn't find my shoe . . ."

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