Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peer Group Favorites

This will be a short post because my son doesn't read most of the books his peer group are reading. Many of them are
reading Harry Potter and The Lightning Thief and he just isn't ready for those books yet.

I've grouped these books by the times the other kids were reading them, my son was sometimes at the end of the time, but he overlapped.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Dr Seuss & Madeline/Bemelmans
1st & 2nd Grade The Magic Treehouse series/Osborne,
Runny Babbit/Silverstein - Eric really loved talking this way for a long time.
2nd & 3rd Grade Geronimo Stilton series/Stilton
3rd & 4th Grade Diary of a Wimpy Kid - my son enjoys the pictures even though the plot sometimes eludes him.

Of course, enjoyment, comprehension, and appropriateness are more important than how popular the book is with other
kids. But if I can create any common ground with other kids, I will.

Anyone out there have any popular books that worked well for a child on the spectrum?

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