Monday, March 22, 2010

Cartoon Books for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Cartoon books differ from graphic novels for me. Graphic novels for kids
usually take an existing story and illustrate it. This can be a great
tactic for my kid, or any kid who needs the text exactly matched to
the words.

Cartoon books for kids usually tell a new story, often a very simple one.

The best cartoon books for my boy are "Toon Books." Here are the ones we've read
with my guess at age range.
Luke on the Loose/Bliss - K-2
Penny and Benny in the Big No-No

Another fun cartoon book with many different contributors is
It Was a Dark and SIlly Night/Snicket, Gaiman, etc. (Little Lit)
(ages 9 - 12)
Each writer/illustrator repeats the idea with variations, which is useful for my boy. This is actually a very difficult
concept for some kids on the spectrum, and my nine year old might do better with this in another year.

The Mo Willems Pigeon books are picture books with the virtues of cartoon books (ages 2-5)
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, etc.

Cartoon books without words have not worked for my child (Owly,

You find cartoon books, comic books, and graphic novels all shelved together
at the library.

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