Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easy Readers for Children with Autism

"I like books with pictures" my four year old told me, "this book [his brother's] doesn't have enough pictures."

He's onto a great truth there. Alice long ago declared "What is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?"
And for many children, especially children with an autism diagnosis, the answer is often-"no use at all"

So here are a few easy readers with very good pictures that my older son
liked from about age four. He could read all of these on his own by age
six or seven. Indeed, all of them are also great picture book read alouds.

The Golly Sisters series/Byars
Go, Dog, Go/P. D. Eastman
Are You My Mother/P.D. Eastman
Put Me in the Zoo
Frog and Toad series/Lobel

The illustrations are color, a must for my child in his first years of reading.

And The Golly Sisters and Frog and Toad
series are short chapter books, great for helping beginning
readers take that step without the child saying "too many words"
- a frequent comment from my boy about other less illustrated
books with smaller print.

If you haven't met Frog and Toad, you'll be charmed to make their acquaintance.
These sweet amphibians are classic, and even had their own Broadway musical
(A Year with Frog and Toad)
that I recommend.

Thank you sweet sister for sending me the Broadway cast

"This is truth you can't refute, Toad looks funny in a
bathing suit!"

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