Thursday, March 18, 2010

Having a Child on the Spectrum Read Aloud to Younger Sibling

This would be a great time for others to post comments about what their kids are reading because mine are on Spring Break.

My boy on the spectrum is reading Prince of Underwhere/Hale a combination cartoon/chapter book. He is not connecting with the text part, but enjoys the cartoons.

This may be a series to try again in a year.

He and I read picture books to my three year old. I say "Today the voice of Little Wolf will be played by
and he reads all Little Wolf's words. This keeps him involved when he would otherwise wander away. Of course,
if the book doesn't grab him he may need some prompting (repetition of his cue) and he insists I read "Little Wolf
said" before he'll go on reading little wolf's words.

Little Wolf is in Ahwoooooooo!/Murphy
He read Kenny in Kenny's Window/Sendak
and that went well tho we read it over several days. I found it heavier going than the boys did I think.

The much shorter Farm Friends Get Clean was a blast.

Books with animals work well because my preschooler can join in with the animal noises
so both kids are involved.

Do I have to tell any parent with two children that the boys sit on either side of me?

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