Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Read a Rhyme - Write a Review

I'm very busy, with other writing and other son, so I asked my older son
to write this review for me:
Read a Rhyme, Write a Rhyme had 10 poemstarts.
“Poemstart” means just the start of the poem.
Prelutsky puts in poemstarts to encourage kids to finish the poem. This has never
happened in my house. I guess I may have to assign one just for fun .  .  .
There was a picture for the poem “Eating Blueberries”.
There was a poem about a dog named Mutterly.
There is a poem about a person’s best friends who did something bad to the person.
There is a poem about a person who met a mayfly at the beginning of April.
The person also met a junebug near the end of July.
Okay, perhaps this is not the most informative review ever. But now you
know what one boy with autism remembered from the book. 
The book combines poems and ideas for writing poems in a bigger,
more inviting format than Prelutsky's Pizza, Pigs and Poetry 
that I featured earlier this month.
Read it and compare your impressions to my son's. 
Or get your kid to send me a review. Really. 

Storied Saturday ahead in Nashville!
Special Story Time 10:30 at Madison Branch!
Garden Tales with Rachel Sumner 10:30
at Cheekwood!
Leo Kennedy's book launch for Devin and the 
Greedy Ferret!

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