Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disney Pixar Storybook

I've mentioned before that Disney stories may be
especially accessible for some of our children.
The stories often have familiar characters and
story lines, and they are bountifully illustrated
with familiar images.
The Disney Pixar Storybook Collection gathers
together twenty stories from twenty favorite 
movies. The cover features six of the movies,
others include The Incredibles and A Bug's Life.
Chances are, if your kid loves a Disney/Pixar
movie, it's in here.
The large print size, direct storytelling, and full
color illustrations should appeal to many 
youngsters with autism. But the placement of
illustrations is haphazard, often with no apparent
relationship between text and picture. That can
be a big problem for literal thinkers.
And. if your child is like mine, you may find him/her
squinting at the teeny tiny type on the page
following the table of contents where you can find
out who actually wrote these stories.
Still, kids who like the movie characters will enjoy
the look of this book. And it's sturdy, with silver
edged pages. It won't take as much abuse as a 
board book, but it should stand up to careless
Perhaps that's not important in your house.
It is in mine.
Wishing you good reading,
-Spectrum Mom

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