Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Talent Tuesday - My Boy's Poems

In between studying for the standardized state test,
the Language Arts teacher asked the kids to write
an ode and an elegy. With prompts and leading
questions, this is what my boy wrote.  I am proud of
him. All Rights Reserved. You want to quote his
work somewhere, ask me and I'll ask him.

Ode to the Stream

The stream feels watery,
watery, watery.
Usually the water feels cold as popsicles.
I put my feet in when it’s warm 
in the Summertime.
It’s warm as my comfy blanket.

The algae feels slippery,
slippery, slippery.
The rocks are hard and bumpy.
In the summertime, I feel them on my feet.
Rrsssh, rrsssh goes the water in the stream.
The tall green trees stand still and watch me play.

The stream is my special place.
I like to go there to make a rock go down. I balance on it with my feet.
Its where I like to go and do some special things,
like thinking, thinking, thinking. 

- Spectrum Son


My grandad died.
I was sad.
I was sad as grey skies.

He used to call me rascal, and he used to say, “yes sir.”
One day he said, “Run like a deer.”
He was Mr. Wonderful.

When he was in his bedroom, he hugged the bed.
The way it looked made you like the way it felt.

He had a yard. 
A yard of green grass and brown dirt.
His yard had a stream. 

When the stream was all dry I walked through it and came to someone else’s yard.
I couldn’t get back to Grandad’s yard without going through trees. I felt a little scared.
I called to Dad. I wanted to go back to Grandad’s yard and into Grandad’s house. 
And so I did.

When he died his house got torn apart. 
We went to his funeral.
When he was buried his grave was near Aunt Carol’s house.

I think of his body under the ground.
White hair, white hair and how pink he was.
I’m hearing those teardrops, bloop, bloop, bloop.

When is the next time we’ll go to Aunt Carol’s house?

- Spectrum Son

Does your kid with autism write poems 
(with or without prompting)?
Want to share them? Send them to me and I'll do a Talent
Tuesday post. 
- Spectrum Mom
autismreads at gmail dot com

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