Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry

April is not just Autism Awareness and Acceptance month, 
April is Poetry month.
Appropriately, because I think the way poetry structures
language particularly appeals to people looking for predictability.
Not to mention those who love words, weird noises, and
alliteration, a group which definitely includes my son.
Pizza, Pigs and Poetry by Jack Prelutsky tries to tap a liking
for rhythm, rhyme and nonsense and make mini poets out
of kids.
Prelutsky starts each section with a lively introduction,
followed by a poem of his own and finishes with a writing
tip to get kids started on a poem of their own.
So far my son has not written anything based on the book,
though he's fond of "Forty Performing Bananas"
in bright yellow slippery skins,
our features are rather appealing,
though we've neither shoulders nor chins,"
- Prelutsky
"It's like a sign," says my son.

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