Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crafting the Holidays

The huge problem used to be how to find out what my boy with
autism wanted for Christmas. His answer, "presents," left a lot
of options on the table.
Only recently have I worried about the giving side of the equation.
One answer is crafts.
We need to keep crafts simple around here,  
so we're talking basic ideas like bookmarks and pencil jars with easy instructions. The more crafty among you 
may not need a book, but a book may help you keep it simple 
and spark new ideas.
My favorite is Gifts to Make for Your Favorite Grown-Up,
simple and direct.
Online, you can find a million crafts (and a million ads).
Here is a link to firstpalette, the site from which the bookmarks pictured above came. And here's The Crafty Crow
suggested by my craftiest friend.
This site features a list of craft/art books for kids 
on the right sidebar.
If you have a very crafty/high skills kid, you may be
interested in, which gives skills challenges and
lets kids submit their own projects. 
-Spectrum Mom

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