Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Talent Tuesday - I Go Exploring

Writer Gaynell Buffinet Payne has long written about her own child and the needs of children with autism in general in her blog
Wildflowers for Jade,  and in articles for other publications, including Nashville Parent Magazine and Attachment Parenting 
Now she branches out in a new direction with a children's book based on the imaginative adventures of a young child. Here's the
information from her post:

"Chase and Pip are here! Kindle version and in paperback. Beautifully illustrated story of fun adventure in rhyming verse, for kids ages 2-5.

This is my first published book. It even has my name as "Gaynell Payne (Author)" How exciting is that? And yes, you will be supporting a single mother of a child who has Autism as well! (Shameless plug, maybe, but it's true.)
If you want a hard cover book, stick around just a little bit longer, it's coming soon!"

And here's a link to the post itself.
Jacqueline Buffinet did the illustrations.

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