Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bear Says Thanks

I am thankful for Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. 
There are a lot of read aloud rhyming stories, but Wilson's Bear series (Bear Snores On etc.) uses rhyme and repetition to engage readers in an ursine centered world as warm and cozy as Bear's cave filled with furry friends around a campfire in winter.
When my son with autism listed things that made him glad last week, he wrote that reading the rhymes in Bear's Lost Tooth did. 
For him, the discovery of a new Bear story is a delight.
And in a recent shipment of books to review, we found a real treasure (just in time for Thanksgiving): Bear Says Thanks.
Here is my boy's review:
"Bear has nothing and he misses his friends at the
beginning. He wants to make a dinner, but his cupboard
is bare.
'Oh my, a huckleberry pie, but I have nothing,'
he says with a sigh. 
It made me thankful when Bear said 'thanks.'"
This is a great read aloud book. The repetition of
the word "thanks" gives children a chance to 
read along with you. I had a classroom full
of first graders enthusiastically chiming in and 
loving the surprise when Bear suddenly says something
Happy Thanksgiving. May you all have reason
to say thanks.
-Spectrum Mom

For more about Karma Wilson and Bear, visit her website.

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