Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snowmen at Christmas

Every day my boy with autism asks when I will be getting out more Christmas books. I usually get all the Christmas books down December 1, and he races through them. 
He may look at them more than once, but
he does not read them in a way I recognize as reading. So I am trying to slow down the pace. 
He finds this frustrating. Hence the daily query,
oft-repeated and varied a bit - 
"Are you getting down more books today?" 
"How many will you get down?"
I handed him Snowmen at Christmas yesterday.
This bright and bouncy book by both Buehners rhythmically 
and in rhyme recounts the story of the secret snowman celebration
held every year at this time.
Every double page spread contains hidden pictures, so there
is lots to engage almost every child personality.
And, oh my gosh, you can even buy matching pjs.
That and another gift idea below.
-Spectrum Mom

Featured Book:
Snowmen at Christmas
by Caralyn Buehner
pictures by Mark Buehner
Dial Books for Young Readers
Jack and Jill offers this & other book/pj sets
Snowmen at Christmas is Day 9

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