Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Talent Tuesday - Troy's Amazing Universe

Author Sharon Kennedy Tosten reads the book Troy's Amazing Universe K for Karate with her son Troy who is the star of the special action adventure series.

Today's Talent Tuesday features 

Author Sharon Kennedy Tosten (see above) describes the series like this: 

For the first time ever, see, hear and feel what it’s like to be inside the incredible mind of Troy,
a seven year old with a mind that not only thinks differently, but maybe even thinks better.  
This is a book meant for all children, but especially for those who have been diagnosed with autism.   

This book gives children with the autism diagnosis a hero that they can 
both relate and look up to. Creatures with double eyes, others who live their lives on fire, 
and still more strange aliens are thrown into a grueling competition, against a frightened 
father and son team from the planet Earth.  
What happens when a young boy and his dad who can’t communicate are thrown into a world 
where they must understand each other in order to survive?  

Troy is an autistic seven year-old with a speech problem, 
and he relies on his sharp intelligence and strategic thinking to navigate the world.   
Ron Tomler is Troy’s caring, yet absent- minded,  father, who is at a loss to find 
common ground with his son.  
Troy and his father are taken by aliens and must compete in a special all galaxy Olympics, 
where the penalty of losing is the destruction of your planet.  
The two of them must work together as a team to outwit the aliens and save the Earth.  

There are three more books in the series and in each one children with autism 
will see how their special minds can find answers many others overlook. 
 In the series, Troy escapes kidnappers, battles with aliens, 
discovers the world’s greatest toy, 
and must learn to escape a complicated multi level game.  
Each book takes a special child’s mind on a new journey and shows how to use the 
brain's complicated thought processes to solve the even most difficult problems. 
Hidden in these books are the clues to help children with autism unlock the gateways 
and help them reach their fullest potential.

To learn more and/or to order the books, go to the website.

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