Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Art Start 2 When Pigasso Met Mootise

When Pigasso Met Mootise is a fun book even if you don't
live near a museum with art by these two masters. If you
do, read it with your child and take it along to the museum.
Picasso and Matisse might not seem obviously child 
friendly, but both often featured bold clear compositions
and bright colors. Neither went for storybook illustration,
but that doesn't mean you and your child can't talk about
a story, whether it's the one suggested by the book or
suggested by the painting.
See if your child feels inspired to paint. Perhaps you
can make and illustrate your own book. Every child 
has a unique outlook, and sometimes art lets a child
with little or no verbal language express ideas and
feelings. Perhaps you can make a book about your
museum visit or try to create an original "Mootise."
Remember, there's no right or wrong in art. This
is a chance to let go of worry and expectation and
just let your child do as s/he pleases (within reason,
I always make a rule of no eating the art materials).
-Spectrum Mom

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