Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Talent Tuesday My Brother Charlie by Peete & Peete Part One

Holly Robinson Peete and her daughter Ryan Elizabeth Peete 
bring the talent today in their heartfelt picture book about autism,        My Brother Charlie.  
Actually, the book is not about autism, but about a wonderful boy who has autism and his caring twin sister who does not.
This situation mirrors that of Ryan and RJ Peete, 
twins affected by autism. RJ has autism, Ryan does not.
The twins love each other, but communication is not
always easy. 
Their mother, Holly Robinson Peete, may well be the
most famous person associated with autism. Already
a famous actress married to a famous athlete when
the twins were born, RJ's diagnosis set her on a course
to become a vocal and effective advocate for those
affected by autism, and to found HollyRod4Kids 
for families impacted by autism or Parkinson's Disease.
Five percent of the Peetes' royalties for this book go
to the foundation. My Brother Charlie is at bookstores,
or you can go to the website.
I've been looking for a book to explain his brother's 
autism to my younger son, and (thanks for the review
copy!) now I have one.
Tomorrow, I'll tell you how that went.

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