Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Books A Ten Year Old Likes & The Power of Pooh

I interrupt my Art series 
(more Art tomorrow) 
for one of my favorite things - 
someone else's favorites!
In this case a ten year old boy with autism 
who likes Pokemon, Ben 10, Spongebob, dinosaurs 
and Pooh books.
Many thanks to his mom for sharing!
His list intrigues me:
1 Pokemon, Ben 10, Spongebob
all very peer relatable characters.
2 Dinosaurs
books on this topic are endless and
can lead all sorts of wonderful places.
3 Pooh
(original or Milne inspired?
I don't know.)
This last choice speaks to the comfort
of familiar characters, and the unwillingness
to discard them just because a kid may be
a little older than other kids who like them. 
Kids with autism often don't worry about age
appropriateness (this can be good/bad).
So this is one well balanced kid who combines
in his likes books that will help him with friends,
books that will help him with school,
and books that he's probably always liked and
still does.
And why not? I still like them too.

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