Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Little White Horse & Books for Girls

Last week my family watched The Secret of Moonacre, and really enjoyed it. 
(At least my husband and I did, and the boys stayed still:) 
I had checked it out because I saw it 
was based on an Elizabeth Goudge 
novel and I remembered Green Dolphin Street with fondness.
While the movie does a good job of the 
heightened stakes that make for a good movie, the original book is considerably quieter and more lyrical (Literally. 
There are song lyrics throughout the book).
The Little White Horse belongs in the company of orphan books,
specifically those beloved of girls- Anne of Green Gables &
Emily of New Moon (Montgomery) The Secret Garden
A Little Princess (Burnett).
I'm posting this on a random read day because even though I
enjoyed it and probably would have adored it had I read it as
a child, this is not a book I'm going to try with my son. 
Emotion dominates and subtlety rules.
But I want this to be a girl friendly blog too, so I offer this for
any child who loves reading about orphans with devoted animals,
brave girls, and happy romantic endings.
-Spectrum Mom
p.s. remembered two more in the orphan girl genre-Pollyanna / Porter and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm / Wiggin. Anyone remember others?

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