Friday, February 3, 2012

Education Friday-Ways of Learning, Ways of Listening

Here at my house I continue to struggle to find how my child reads and if there is any way to make him retain what he reads better. Last week he read an entire chapter to himself at school, so he didn't want to read it again at home. But he could not answer any questions about it. I almost wrote that he remembered nothing about it, but I don't know that. I just know he answered "I don't know."
   At a recent Autism Society event I met a mom whose son loves Harry Potter. At school they concluded he did not understand 
what he read so eagerly because he could not answer questions about it. But at home he played games with wizards and wands. 
He understood the book in his way, even though he could not
discuss it.
   Another friend of mine home schools her neurotypical boys. She often reads to them while they pet the dog, toss a ball, wander around, etc. And they are listening. They are understanding. They are learning.
   I let my son act out some of what I read this week instead of making him hold the book and follow along till it was his turn to read. Then when I asked about the book I answered his "I don't know" with "What did you act out?"  
That worked better at the time, but by the end of the week he 
was back to "I don't know," and back to my saying "Then you
must read the page again until you find the answer."
He hates that. So do I.
What to do?
-Spectrum Mom

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