Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little Lit

Folklore and Fairy Tale Funnies
follows in a long tradition. The book
even includes Walt Kelly's 1943 
version of The Gingerbread Man.
Another in the small category of books he will
grab and read on his own, Little Lit Folklore
combines sophisticated art and storytelling
with easy vocabulary and eye-catching graphics.
What my son likes, is, of course the word play.
"I want to see my favorite parts.
And another favorite part is when
they ruined the song."
Again, there seems to be a nursery rhyme chant driven theme
to the ones he likes, "Humpty Trouble,"
"The Two Hunchback Brothers" (with singing Grandmas),
and "The Gingerbread Man."
"I'm going to change the rhyme:

Humpty Dumpty
while seated on a wall
has suffered a shattering fall."
-Spectrum Mom

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