Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall Mixed Up

Fall Mixed Up
Bob Raczka/illustrated by Chad Cameron
"Every Septober, Every Octember
Fall fills my senses with scenes to remember
Apples turn orange
Pumpkins turn red
leaves float up into blue skies overhead"
Here at the very end of Fall 
(yes, I know but Winter officially starts on the Winter Solstice)
one last book with giggles for all.
This is the kind of picture book that always has
and still does appeal to my boy. Lots of silliness
and rhymes. Depending on your kid's level, you
can have fun and teaching moments pointing
out what the book gets "wrong" (do apples
turn orange?). 
On a more holiday note, if you're looking for book gifts,
the box set of Lobel's Frog and Toad is a great choice
for beginning readers.
Happy giggling and shopping,
-Spectrum Mom

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