Friday, December 9, 2011

Education Professional-Part Two

"Puzzle" by Grace Goad*

Last week I excerpted (with permission) a few comments from one
of the gifted education professionals working with my son. Here's a follow-up 
note in response to my query about the five paragraph essays:

"From here on out, writing five paragraph essays will be required in most subjects 
at one time or another. Using the “formula” for writing an essay, with the support 
of graphic organizers, I am hopeful that he will independently begin to use these 
supports to complete assignments. 
That is my goal at this point. I believe with the overall goal being an increase in 
reading comprehension, this is a good way to support that while working on
 classroom assignments at the same time. 
You can always find the thinking maps we are working on in the laptop." **

This approach to the difficult task of engaging, sustaining, and testing conventional 
comprehension for a child who connects with text through his own matrices
(today he was writing a song for every two pages of an old picture book,
Ruby's Beauty Shop) may help him understand the more neurotypical
method of reading a book.  Fingers crossed, and many thanks to his talented
specialist and teachers for sharing and caring.


*Read more about this beautiful painting and Grace Goad, the wonderful young artist who created it,
at Leisa Hammett (GraceArt in SOHO! October 21, 2011).

** thinking maps-a way to generate and organize thoughts before you write, they're using the Inspiration
software program.

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