Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Return of the Dragon

Elmer and the Dragon (My Father's Dragon)

I love reading to my children, but it's not always
easy.  My boy with autism at various times has
had to be cajoled, tricked, and almost sat on in
order to get him to sit still and listen to a story.
This summer vacation I wrote about how much 
the boys enjoyed My Father's Dragon at bedtimes.
So recently I checked out the sequel, but with
mixed results. The boys don't share a room at 
home, so there was no snuggling and settling
down. Instead this has been me and the my ten 
year old in his room sometimes fending off a
randomly bouncing four year old.
I think Elmer and the Dragon is a very
engaging story, but despite the cliff hanger 
endings of each chapter, he's displayed no
impatience or desire to read ahead on his own.
He seems to like the book well enough, but
I keep him engaged only by insisting he voice
one of the characters (I let him choose between
Elmer and the dragon-he picked Elmer).
For some children, the dragon would be enough
reason to read the book.
Here's hoping your child has a go to animal
for enchantment-

-Spectrum Mom

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