Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book Lists (& Clubs) for Teens with Autism

Next Chapter Book Club: A Model Community Literacy Program for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Today is a guest post from an expert,
Jillian Ober, the Program Manager
for Next Chapter, the book clubs I
posted about last week.
When I emailed her asking for more
information she sent a wonderful
response and gave me permission
to share all with you. She's also 
happy to respond to further questions.
See below for a link to a book list
and a description of the books they
use, etc.
I'll post more of her email about the book 
clubs (including info on book clubs 
specifically for young people with autism) 

You can find the current list of 80+ titles in the Columbus, OH Next Chapter Book Club Library at  We serve as a lending library for our 25 local book clubs and for some of our NCBC affiliates (affiliates are organizations operating NCBC programs outside of Columbus, OH) as they work to establish their own libraries.  
For the most part, our books fall into two categories: adapted classics (approx. third/fourth grade reading level) and popular fiction (these books are not adapted, but are generally written for a younger audience).  We are also working on a project that will provide literature with adult themes (i.e. employment, relationships, health, families) written at an accessible reading level for NCBC members and other adults with intellectual disabilities.

 If you’d like to learn more about the program, you can find our book, Next Chapter Book Club: A Model Community Literacy Program for People with Intellectual Disabilities on  

Jillian Ober, MA, CRC
Program Manager
The Ohio State University Nisonger Center

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