Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gifts for My Child with Autism

There's a Wocket in My Pocket!

If you know my son, you are hereby sworn to 
secrecy - do not mention this post to him
until after Christmas.
My lovable ten year old took years to ask for
anything more specific than "a present" for
Christmas, but this year he wanted a Ladybug
pillow pet and "Christmas books." Quizzed as
to whether those were books given for Christmas
or books about Christmas, he said both. Then
at school he asked for a Jane and the Dragon
book (we watch the tv show).
Jane and the Dragon
His kind assistant who's been going with him
to the library for about a year only to have him
head for the Dr. Seuss books every time, gave 
him There's a Wocket in My Pocket (see top).
I also have The Christmas Day Kitten for him.
The Christmas Day Kitten
You probably realize these books are young
for a middle schooler. My boy can read the
words of age appropriate books, but for 
enjoyment he still heads for the picture
book section. 
Remember, if you see him, mum's the word.
Happy Holidays,
Spectum Mom
Stinky (Toon)
Forgot to mention Stinky, he's already read it,
but we really liked it (very funny and the message
is make friends with someone who is different)
and Toon Books gave us our very own copy
to keep (see "Where's the Post?" or check out 
my article at http://www.toon-books.com).
Perhaps no coincidence that Stinky won a
Geisel award.

If you get a child with autism that you love 
one of these or any other book for Christmas, 
let us know what happened in the New Year.

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