Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's Get Physical

The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly (Adventures of Uncle Stinky)
How does your child read?
Physically I mean?
Because my boy wants to sprawl on a rug,
wrap himself in a blanket cocoon, and kick
something. I am now conditioned to relax 
when I hear a small piece of furniture bumping
against the floor-he's reading, not just stimming.
While this is his preferred reading posture,
it doesn't seem an effective one for analyzing
and retaining texts. But that is not what interests
my son about books. Numbers and repetition
rock his world. So he's reading the Seuss Beginner
Dictionary or The Sleep Book for the Umpteenth
time and moving that footstool up off the floor and
down again with his feet. On the bed he now reads
Uncle Stinky: The Good, Bad, and the Smelly while 
kicking the headboard and Dodger and Me 
(kicking, not reading, perhaps providing some 
valuable extra sensory input and definitely bending 
back the cover-not a library book I hasten to add).
I should mention that I think he reads the same two 
pages over and over-pages 12&13, a list of U.S. 
presidents who did not sniff things 
(makes sense in the book). Anyway,
there's connections going on here, but darned
if I know exactly how/whether to promote
-Spectrum Mom

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