Friday, November 5, 2010

We Talk Silly Most Days

In the Deep (Andrew Lost #8)
Here's Andrew Lost again, in the deep this 
time. My son continues to follow Andrew, 
but his enthusiasm is reserved for Thudd.
You know he's paying attention to what 
he's reading when he uses expression and 
neither sings nor shouts.
Last time I wondered how we could get
his attention, knowing full well that if
someone else asked me this I would
blithely say, "find books on topics that
interest him."
That's hard with my son. It's not that he
doesn't have interests, but most of them
don't translate well to book form. He likes
math, but not books about math; music,
but not books about music, etc.
But he loves word play. And he loves 
talking silly-in fact, trying to keep him
from changing the words in a book to 
silly ones can be a big problem.
Orangutan Tongs: Poems to Tangle Your Tongue
So word play books like Jon Agee's are 
But what about helping him read a story?
A book must have characters who have 
their own language or funny way 
of talking-like Thudd in Andrew Lost,
or Mouse in My Father's Dragon.
Comment or e-me with your own
picks for funniest sounding fictional
character-please? I'll share.
-Spectrum Mom

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