Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Never Too Late

Late for School!
"Do you remember the book Late for School?"
my boy asked Saturday.
"No, did you read that at school?"
"No, at home," he said.
"When?" I asked.
"October 10, 2008."
"No I don't remember it."
"He changed the rule from 'Never be late for 
school' to 'Try your best to be on time.'"
With that, my son ran off.
Thanks to his description, I remembered 
the book and its hapless protagonist, a 
strictly punctual teacher on a Murphy's 
Law day. I recommend it for elementary
school tykes, especially those worried
about getting places on time.
Any time my older son initiates a topic I'm
all attention, trying to make a connection
and encourage the habit of conversation
without pushing him too far past his 
comfort zone.
This time he surprised me, because he 
seemed to be pursuing a train of thought
to address a feeling. He worries when we
may be late, but he has become much 
better than in the days when the thought
of lateness inevitably brought screams and
sobs. Now I wonder if he's been thinking  
of this book when we're a few minutes
behind our time. 
How wonderful if he is!
And what else can we read to soothe
his fears of getting the world wrong?
-Spectrum Mom

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