Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome to Autism Reads April Readers

This is a place to come find books to read to your kids 
or that your kids may want to read to themselves.
All kids are different, so not every book suggested here
will appeal to yours, but it's a place to start, especially
if your child has autism. Many of these books are 
favorites of my boy, or of other children with autism.
And while every child with autism is different, many
share interests, so you'll find lots of books with poetry
and rhymes here, and books about trains, princesses, and
other topics central to many children's thoughts.
And in case you thought the name Autism Reads meant
books about autism, there are some of those here too.
The site's over 300 entries also include guest posts,
discussions of different reading instruction methods,
and Talent Tuesday posts which feature books by authors
with autism or with autism in the family. 
So enjoy and explore. Please feel free to join this site
for weekly book reviews and reading related posts 
and/or visit the Autism Reads Facebook Page, Pintrest Page
or Twitter. You can comment here or email
me at
I love to hear about favorite books and new approaches
to reading.
Thanks for coming! Stay as long as you want!
(I'll be very flattered if you stay long enough for this to happen)

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