Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Curious Collection of Cats

Once again it's April, and those of us affected by autism 
know why April is important.
Happy Poetry Month!
People with autism often have a special affinity
for poetry and today's books of poems will also
appeal to animal (especially cat) lovers.
Betsy Franco wrote the "concrete poems" in
A Curious Collection of Cats and Michael Wertz
did the illustrations.
In all the poems the shape of the poem relates
directly to its words (concrete poems).
The bright color block illustrations and the poems 
intertwine. Most include rhyme and humor - often
the humor is visual as in "q-tip and rosie" with
a happy cat dangling from a dog's mouth or
in both words and pictures as in the graphic
novel type treatment of "a question for scooter
about squirrels."
My boy's review:
A Curious Collection of Cats
It turned out that there were 34 poems in that book. 
Some were written in funny places. 
In the poem “The Cat Door”, 
there was a cat who tried to squeeze through the door. 
In each picture of the poem, 
some of the letters had gone away from the previous picture. 
"princess" by Franco and Wertz  

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