Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Raining Pigs and Noodles

Poet Jack Prelutsky and Illustrator James Stevenson 
share an appealing silliness in their collaborations 
(Stevenson also writes/illustrates his own funny books)
and the cavalcade of wackiness in 
It's Raining Pigs and Noodles
includes poems about kid basics:
burping, music practice, and old food in the 
Concrete poems (poems in the shape of their topic)
include "I'm Stuck Inside a Seashell" 
And of course, there's plenty of random nonsense
about gnus (so beloved of humorous versifiers)
and the like.
A good selection for rhyme and poem lovers,
and food for thought for all.
My Boy's Thoughts:
The names in Percy's Perfect Pies were so funny.
There's a poem called "Tomorrow's My Unbirthday"
in it. There's another poem about the poet's best
friend and the poet says they're best friends because
they did something bad to him. That's unusual.
They can't be best friends if they did something
bad to him.
Also, there's a poem called "Winding Through
the Maze," and you'll have to follow the maze to 
read the poem.
This post was my last for Poetry Month 2014.
If your child likes this one, check out the other
three poetry books I reviewed this month or my
past posts on poetry (note alliteration). Alliteration,
rhyme, meter, word play - these are elements that
often fascinate children, especially children with
autism who are looking for rules to make sense 
of the world and of the word. 

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