Monday, December 23, 2013

Why Monkey? A free book to print.

is an important developmental stage. 
Usually around the ages of three to five,
a young child becomes a fountain of whys?
Questions about everything from dinner to
the sky flow freely and unstoppably from their little lips.
For a child with autism, 
why may come later, or not at all. 
Family and therapists may want to prompt and explain
why. One mother found her own way to work with her
child on why, and discussed it here. 
Why Monkey Why, the interactive book she created, pairs
a simple text about why Monkey has something (hairbrush, sweater, banana) with pictures of Monkey with an x where
the object should go. Print the pages, cut out the pictures, and laminate the pages and the pictures. Voila - a book that explores why? 
Here's the link to the book for you to print.

Happy Holidays!

(link still works as of 3/22/2018)

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