Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Gifts

At Christmas Eve service tonight, the minister said - 
"Now that Christmas has come,
ready or not, there is nothing left to do but reflect and celebrate 
the birth of Christ."
Only a single person without young children 
(or someone who does not celebrate Christmas in the 
conventional capitalist way) 
(or at all)
could have nothing left to do on Christmas Eve.
Even the very best organized of us needs to put out the 
milk and cookies.  My son reminded me about the milk.
And what if Santa skipped or skimped on those stockings 
hung by the chimney with care?
Since I am far from the best organized of us, 
and we've all been ill, 
I am trying to wrap my mind around gift wrap. 
The unwrapped books for my child with autism include
A Child's Christmas in Wales
Run For the Hills, Geronimo
Almost Naked Animals Joke-A-Palooza
and one reading related game, a magnetic
version of Hangman.
I am writing this on Christmas Eve so I had better
get wrapping. 
If you celebrate Christmas, my Christmas wish for you
is that you may have a joyous and peaceful day filled with the 
spirit of love. If you don't celebrate Christmas, my wish for you
is that you may have a joyous and peaceful day filled with the
spirit of love.
And in case I don't get back to you before then,
Happy New Year!

-Spectrum Mom

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