Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gifts for Children with Autism - 2013

"Where did the name icicles come from 
and why are icicles called icicles?"
from Cecil Williams Photography
My thirteen year old asks a lot of questions. Some of them
he has asked for years. He knows the answers. Some are new.
Lately he's been interested in word derivations - questions
such as the one above that I cannot answer while driving
a car. 
I think he needs a book on the subject. Any suggestions?
This time of year, many of us need gift suggestions for
our kids with autism. Some of them cannot tell us what
they want or write to Santa but that doesn't mean they cannot
have a magical Christmas. Here are two gifts to consider from
two of my favorite websites that offer many more books and

Marc Brown's Playtime Rhymes
For birth to age five offers autographed copies of a book that offers rhymes and
fun movement games for your little ones with Marc Brown's inviting illustrations
of kids and animals enjoying their world.

Word Origin Calendar
For ages six to adult offers some wonderful books and toys sure to appeal to the 
inquisitive child in your house. This calendar is for those of you with children
like my boy who are interested in calendars and words.

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