Saturday, May 11, 2013

Talk to Me

Gee, I didn't actually mean to post this yet.
The site went through a techno-crisis this 
I won't go into the gory, boring details.
Let's put it this way: nothing is automatic.
Except, apparently, my auto-scheduling
of this post which I had abandoned to
try to fix the site problem. 

My mother recently asked me,
"Do people tell you how witty and enjoyable your blog is?"
Why no, Mother, no they don't.
And that's fine.
I love hearing compliments from my mother, but I certainly don't
expect the rest of you (who are probably looking here to
find some help for a wonderful child) to sing my praises.
I get enough of that from the spammers ("Your sight it is grate.
Please visit my diet date spot.")
What does make me feel a little cold and barren is the lack
of other experiences and reviews. I hoped that more people
would want to share their book finds and reading strategies.
I am very grateful to those who have, and I do understand
about not having the time to comment. I rarely do myself.
But remember you can comment. And there's an Autism
Reads Facebook page too if you prefer that. 
Anyway, I was sort of left wondering if anyone would even
notice if Autism Reads disppeared.
(Except for my Mother - love you always)
Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms out
there - you care about reading, which makes you the best!
-Spectrum Mom
sorry for being a little blue today. It won't last.

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