Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We Both Read About the Ocean

One of the techniques we use is so simple and effective that 
there are multiple series of early reading books that use it too. 
If your children do not want to read to you out loud by 
themselves, take turns with them. First you read, then your child
The We Both Read series does this nicely, as I've mentioned
before. About the Ocean pairs beautiful photos with informative
text that covers the seas from shells to ocean conservation.
The child's side is about 1st grade level (the book is labeled
1-2, meaning grades 1-2).
We Both Read Books include fiction and non-fiction titles 
with the same format - parent page on the left with one word boldedchild page on the right with that word included 
among easier words.
The books range from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade and 
can be found at libraries, bookstores, and their website.
Of course, the alternation technique can be used with
any book. We've alternated pages with everything from
Hatchet to Hugo Cabret.
This series is not my boy's favorite for alternating
readers. More about that series later this month.
May you surface in time to breathe,
Spectrum Mom

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