Saturday, October 6, 2012

Make Suggestions for Gift Book Selections

It's not even Halloween yet, so I will not use the C word.
Or the Ch word. Or the Kw word.
But one of my friends has, so I started thinking that I 
should plan ahead. Do you have some books that your
child with autism loves? Ideally I'd like to be able
to feature different books that appeal to kids on many 
different points of the spectrum. If your kid has a
favorite book, please comment or email me
with the book title, your child's gender and age,
and his/her diagnosis (or reading gift/challenge).
Thank you! Let's help make this a happy season
for all of us trying to find the right book for 
a special kid.
Do you have a favorite app or reading related
gadget? I'd love to hear about those too.

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