Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Secret of the Stone Frog

Toon Books has a plan to make readers out of your kids.
Give them wonderful comic books written for young readers.
The Secret of the Stone Frog by David Nytra skews
a little older than Benny and Penny, Nina, or the other
fun Toon books. Stone Frog is Toon's first graphic novel.
Nytra creates a fantastic universe for kids to explore along
with his sibling protagonists. Buildings come to life, and
strange fishy characters roam the streets, while giant bees
take the words right out of your mouth.
When I read it with my twelve year old, he found it very easy to understand
and express the emotions of the characters. The drawings of the children
are simple and make them easy to connect with, while the backgrounds
and other characters are strange. The strangeness of the adult world 
perhaps - or even that of the neurotypicals.
Toon takes its educational mission seriously. Here is 
a link to the lesson plan for the book and here's the reading level: 
This is my boy's review of The Secret of the Stone Frog:
The stone frog was the only one who knew the way home.
The two children were named Alan and Leah.
There were a few mean guys.
[That was unprompted. Then I asked him to write what he thought
about it and why]
I thought it was fine, because books that sound great are fine. 
It sounded great.  And I mean ALL of it. When we read it together.
One of Nytra's giant bees

For more fun and to order Toon books, check out their website

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