Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poetry Month in the Library

I missed library week. But it’s still poetry month. 
So here’s a tip for both. Your
library has a whole section devoted to poetry for kids.
Sure, there are a few elsewhere. 
My boy’s enjoyin Snuffles and Snouts
from the Easy Readers section, 
a book of poems about pigs.
He’s fond of the poem on the back cover:
“ ‘Oink!’ the Captain cried. ‘Oink! Oink!
Methinks me ship’s begun to soink!”
He invaded his brother's room again
to get "both A. A. Milne's"
meaning When We Were Very Young
and Now We Are Six, the poetry books
which feature Pooh but many other characters too.
Especially my favorite dormouse in Geraniums red
and Delphiniums blue.
Alas, I am not allowed to read them because
they rhyme. He loves to read them himself.
Back to the library: the Dewey Decimal for
kids poetry is j811. Adult poetry, much of
which is suitable too, is (surprise) 811.
Coincidentally, I think that's the number
to call around here to flag underground 
utilities .  .  .
-Spectrum Mom

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