Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peach & Blue

Sometimes my oldest son is exactly like me. 
Like yesterday when he was supposed
to be doing his homework and I found him lying on the floor 
looking at The Runaway Sled.
Most of the time he's not. 
We read Peach & Blue together to his brother, and his
attention wandered long before the end. I'll give him his own time with it later, since the story, words and paintings all seem about the right level for him.
He read the part of Blue, the blue-bellied toad who helps Peach (guess) see the world and who discovers the delights of seeing his pond through new eyes.
The paintings are lovely, the themes sophisticated, so the book reaches beyond my boy's favorite Seuss titles. Oddly adult in some ways, the book touches on the joy of spending time with your children and the reality of mortality. How much of this a literal-minded kid will pick up on, I don't know.  
I think most kids will just enjoy the friendship,
and the way Blue helps Peach travel.

-Spectrum Mom
Featured book: Peach & Blue by Sarah S. Kilborne
Paintings by Steve Johnson with Lou Fancher

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