Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mo Willems - Please Let the Author Read the Book

Mo Willems hears that kids with autism like his Elephant and Piggie books a lot at book signings. I know that because 
he told me so -  at a book signing. 
But not just a book signing, the wonderful event Parnassus hosted 
Tuesday started with a bravura performance by Mr. Willems himself, reading his just released The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? 
and Listen to My Trumpet
Mr. Willems is The Pigeon, Elephant, and Piggie. 
Apparently, as a former writer for Sesame Street he is also Elmo,
or at least the person who came up with the name (think in Spanish). He is hilarious and captivating and you should take 
any chance you get to see him. 
My boys both enjoyed watching him perform. I worried about taking my eleven year old with autism, not sure how he'd handle 
the crowd, and whether his interest in the books would sustain him through a wait and a reading. But his sensory system has matured amazingly and he focused well on the stage and Mr. Willems.
He enjoyed both books, which we bought. 
My neurotypical six year old was the one to complain 
about the crying babies.
Thank you, Mr. Willems.
Thank you, Parnassus Book Store.
(and yes, Parnassus is in the mall with the Donut Den to those who've asked and endured my ums.)
-Spectrum Mom
thanks to my wonderful librarian friend for the photo. Mr. Willems is photo averse (eye problems w flash) and my camera sympathized, so I missed the photo window.
For more Mo, visit his website.

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