Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wiggle While You Read

My First Spanish Picture Dictionary (Children's First Picture Dictionaries)
This year I saw my boy's wiggle cushion on the seat of his
chair on the first day of school.
A small triumph, but one worth celebrating because contrary to everyone's (except his) hopes and wishes, he is never going to 
"sit still and read." If we, and I include myself in that we,
can accept that, we'll make progress faster-or at least not 
knock out our brains against the wall.
Currently the favored posture is feet, hands, and book on the floor;
tummy elevated on the footstool. But this morning he was prone on
his bed, a typical position for a typical boy if he had not been
wiggling a string. He was reading a book I checked out for his
younger brother, but hey, he has Spanish too. Pictures continue
to be part of the essential mix that grabs his attention for more
than a few seconds.
-Spectrum Mom

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