Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Is That You Read My Lord? Words, words, words

The Everything Book
Before my son was born I read about a wonderful
book. The good news is my son liked the book 
too. He still does.
Is this bad news? I'm not sure. I wish he would
read the books other kids his age do. But perhaps
he still needs something he finds in this book.
Maybe, like so many kids with an Autism
Spectrum Disorder, anything constant is
reassuring. Maybe he likes that I never, ever
quiz him about it. Maybe he likes the pure power
of word throughout the book.
If you've read other entries, you know that 
his mind lets narrative slip past while tenaciously
grabbing puns, palindromes, anagrams and rhyme
(see We Talk Silly Most Days & Word Play)
Sometimes trying to get him to talk about the 
story is fighting against the tide.
So, ride the wave? Fight the tide? If your kid goes
here, what do you do?
-Spectrum Mom

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