Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dazed and Amused

Lenny and Mel
We finished Lenny and Mel  Sunday night 
 - just in time for Valentine's Day. A holiday, 
as celebrated by Lenny and Mel, when you make 
cards to show how much you love your dog Valentine.
This enables you to avoid your teacher 
Ms. Handsaw's suggestion that you give Art Bunkleheimer 
a card that says you love him (because you don't). 
My boy giggled last night at the thought of "Valentine, the dog."
There are a lot of giggles in this book which works well 
with the great sense of silly my boy and many other kids
with or without autism possess. 
Kraft weds this to equally goofy drawings that help
tell the story and keep my kid's attention on
the page.
This is a first chapter book with some surprisingly
sophisticated words and expressions, but with 
a very straightforward approach to a school year
in the life of two boys. They are Holidazed.
My boy's review:
"It started one Labor Day. I loved its holidays and
I liked the leftover fairy. Someone said 'I'm sick
of turkey,'  but I said 'I'm tired of turkey, it tastes
like chicken.' I liked it when they
wanted cheese for Christmas."
Actually, they did not want cheese as a 
Christmas gift. Read the book to find out
why cheese is important, or click on the
picture to see the book at Amazon, or 
check out Kraft's cute site, http://erikpkraft.com
or not.
-Spectrum Mom

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