Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Drawing Dot Dot Dot

A not so secret goal of many kids' coloring books is to 
get little kids comfortable holding that crayon in a 
tripod grasp, all ready to grab that pencil and start writing.
Drawing, of course, is even better for that purpose as kids 
form shapes - ready to begin/continue shaping letters.
For many children with autism, just getting the grip right
can take years. My sixteen year old still regresses.
While some may excel at art, others struggle with the basics.
So i can doodle Dots by Travis Foster gives a welcome head 
start to many.
The premise of this drawing book is simple. 
A simple drawing on one side of the page,
the outline for the same drawing on the other side
of the page, with space for variations.
For kids who need that model, this gives them a
chance to draw an interesting picture with visualization
help. Since visualization is another hurdle for many kids
with autism, this may really help.
What about you or your child? 
What kind of coloring/art books work best?

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