Sunday, September 18, 2016

Little Free Library

Step outside your home and look around.

Do you see a library?

Are you sure?
Walk a few blocks and you
just might find a neighborhood
library close by.
Little Free Libraries have been
popping up for awhile, and I've
admired them from afar and online.
But until my neighbors built one,
I had no idea what a great resource
they could be.
It seems to yield endless knock knock
joke books - and if you've read this
blog often, you know how great that is for my son
with autism. Not to mention all the choices
for my younger son and myself.
Currently there are two picture books - 
Mind Your Manners B. B. Wolf and
Cockatoo, Too of which the first
seems educative and the second, fun,
with both being exceptionally suitable
for readers who might need a little 
extra help with cultural norms or might
have a special appreciation for word play.
A free little library offers a great chance for a reader
to make a choice among a limited selection of books.
And if you're into projects, you can make
your own. For more info, check here
How does your free little library grow? 

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