Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Blue is Happy

A book blogger walks into a library .  .  .
The other day I walked into my favorite library,
and the librarian (one of the reasons it's my fave)
introduced me to Nashville author Jessica Young.
So we read her book, My Blue is Happy
(illustrated by Catia Chien, published by Candlewick).
My Blue is Happy is for young readers and
introduces both colors and how we feel about
them. In that way it echoes Seuss's My Many
Colored Days. The twist here is that the
narrator and the people the narrator knows feel
differently about the same colors. This is
a great example of theory of mind for readers
with autism, and you can see from my thirteen
year old's review that the point was not lost on
My Boy's Review:
My Blue is Happy
Mother’s blue was sad, but the narrator’s blue was happy. 
Mother liked yellow, but the narrator did not. I don’t know about red. 
The narrator’s friend’s favorite color was pink, but the narrator did not like it. 
Dad thought brown was ordinary, but the narrator thought brown was special. 
I don’t know about green. I don’t know about orange, either. 
Nor do I know about gray. Not even black. But I loved that the book had colors in it.

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